Welcome Package 2 (Deliver to hotels)

Welcome Package 2 (Deliver to hotels)
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Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Product Description

Dear Families :

In order to save time for you during your trip ,we deliver this wonderful package to hotels in GuangZhou .( Garden Hotel ,China Hotel ,Holiday Inn Hotel ,Victory Hotel ,ect.)

This Package includes:

3 or 6 cans Tsingtao Beer£¨The best beer in China)

10 Snickers Bars Chocolate(20g/bar)

3 Cup noodles (beef flavor ,sea food flavor ,pork flavor)

2 Pounds of Apples

4 pounds of Bananas

2 pounds of other season fruits

Delivery Service

After you order this package, please email us your room number and the name for your room !

If you order this package before 12:00am ,you will get your package in the afternoon before 5:00pm(17:00)

If you order your package in the afternoon ,we will deliver it to you before 8:00pm (20:00)

If you want something else or want to receive your package sooner ,please call Ann at 13560415351 or email us at redthreadchina@yahoo.com

Email Ann at redthreadchina@yahoo.com with any question you might have !