Hello my name is Yang Hui Qin (Ann) I am Chinese, I've lived in Guangzhou on Shamain Island for 5 years and run our website for about 5 years now , meeting many families and their babies, I love helping people especially the babies.My partner Denise has 3 daughters and 1 son from China and lives in the US hopefully making this all work smoothly, we have been friends for several years.It is my goal to help you to communicate with your child's orphanage and also to help you with the items you didn't get while you were here.I look forward to hearing any suggestions you may have.Thank you Ann and Denise

Our contact information

By email:
Business email address (redthreadchina@yahoo.com)
By standard mail:
Red Thread China
1060 E. Juniper
Hermiston, Oregon 97838


Questions to Ann

Q: The prices on your website do they include your fee?

A: Yes,it includes our fee, you do not need to pay any other kind of base Fee at all

Q:.Do I send pics to you via e-mail for the album?

A :Yes,after you order album ,you need to email me your family pictures ,better label them in English ,this way I (Ann) can label them in Chinese for you and it will also be easier for the orphanage staff to prepare your child for you too.

Q: His grandma wants to make him a blanket. Can I send it to him? Will he use it or do you suggest against that?

A: Of course ,you can send him your blanket ,we have Package Forwarding service below : http://www.redthreadchina.com/pafo.html

Q: Do you think I can get pictures of him? I would SO LOVE that?

A: After you order package from us and before I mail it out,I will request pictures for you but before I get anything ,i can not promise you this or that but i will try my best on this part for you just like I did for somebody else ,hope you can understand that .

Q:How long does it take to get something to him?

A: If you choose rush mail shipping way ,your package will be delivered 2-4 days after I mail it out!

Shipping Information:

All of our merchandise is shipped form China and will be sent as quickly and cost effectivly as possible, we are sorry for the inconviniance of having to bill you separeatlely for the shipping but in an effort to get the best shipping rates we figure shipping per order and allow you to decide the shipping method.

Frequently Asked Questions: contacting us through email is the best and fasted way to get answers to your questions. Ann will have a tracing number on all packages she ships Ann also has a shipping company that gives us a pretty good rate that we are able to pass on to you our customers.
Email Ann at redthreadchina@yahoo.com with any question you might have !