Pocket Translator--Noah

Pocket Translator--Noah
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Black - White LCD (New Version )

3 colors: Rose gold, piano black, or satin white

1 to explain the authority :Longman Dictionary is the world's leading dictionary and its contents after 250 years of the time-honored , many experts repeated scrutiny , the formation of the proven authoritative interpretation , now in use in many parts of China, Longman textbook ; 2 , overall the Words :Contains over 45,000 entries , including the latest entry , to meet the needs of the times ; 3 , listen live :A total of more than 55,000 sentences, also pay attention to the times and update , use the word to maximize the flexibility ; 4, concise definition :With 2000 words to explain the common meaning, interpretation for visitors to learn , easy to learn . Two-way sentence translation Strong two-way translation engine can be achieved words, phrases, sentences and articles in English and real-time translation, easy solution to learn stumbling block , comprehensive training , a comprehensive manner

Including English, Japanese , Korean, German , French and Spanish the 900 , mostly greetings , farewell , party , job and other everyday situations , from entry to the basic learning , to improve the chapter , Deep and structured, Also accompanied by synchronized sounds MP3 , listen and learn , allows you to easily acquire more foreign languages, communication without limits !

Card phone, Filofax , learning curriculum , formula and other assistant tools , practical caring ; MP3 music, electronic books, blog and classic puzzle game , allowing you to learn and relax !

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