Large yellow love ball

Large yellow love ball
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Love Ball is "ZhuangZu" people`s love symble in GuangXi province ,lady will hand made one for their beloved man,then throw it to the man or the place where he can catch it easily....but now the love ball also means good luck and prosperity in GuangXi province,poeple will give it to the very important people, friend,guest,ect a love ball ,that means bring good luck to him!! Love ball is one of the mascots in China!

Girl throws out the love ball to the man ,that means her heart is on that special guy...

In old China ,there was one custom in some places.When ladies in their marriage age,they would choose a special day,normal was 15th,Jan (Lantern Festival )or 15th,Aug(Mid-Autumn Day)...they would let all the men who were interested in her gather in the love ball plaza,then they would throw the ball to their beloved men ,the men who got the balls would be these ladies` husbands...of course all the girls l would choose the men they liked ,then threw the ball to them or to the places near them ,that would be easier for these men to catch the balls...

It is said that : Long long ago,there was a very poor family lived in a village in JiuZhou town,JingXi city,GuangXi province ,the poor family`s son named a di falled in love with a girl called a xiu from his neighbour villiage.Beautiful and kind a xiu also loved the honest,diligent and brave a di .One spring ,a xiu went to the town,a very rich and bad young lord saw a xiu and loved her ,so he wanted to marry a xiu,but a xiu prefered to die than to marry him.When the bad young lord knew that a xiu loved the poor man a di, he gave a bribe to the bad officer,then that bad officer put a di to the jail and sentenced him to death in the fall...when a xiu heard the news ,she cried all days and all nights , at last she was blind ,after she was blind she was going to make a love ball for a di.cause a xiu could not see anything ,her hands was broken by the needle while she made the Love Ball ,but the love ball looked even more beatiful and shiny with a xiu`s blood,after 81 days ,a xiu finished the Love Ball.She sold all she and her family had ,then gave the money to the people who incharged the jail,a xiu and her family came to the moist and dark jail,a xiu touched a di,but a di was afflicted by the bad people too much,so he was thin to his bones,a xiu was way too sad ,she wore the Love Ball to her beloved one`s neck.At this time,comed with a miracle,there was a very bright light ,then a xiu ,a di and her family were disappeared,after they all woke up,they found that they were in a very beautiful and rich foot of the moutain and far away from the young lord.Later a xiu married a di and they had a boy and a girl,they both worked hard ,so they had a very good and happy life.

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