Warm Package for Girl and Boy (Age 0-2)

Warm Package  for Girl and Boy  (Age 0-2)
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Product Description

This warm Care package is for age 0- 2 years old girls and boys ,includes :

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1. One 39-exposures camera with your child name Tag or one 8G USB thumb drive

2. One warm jacket for boy /girl

3. Two beautiful and comfortable clothes sets for boy /girl

4.One stacking-rings Toy or Musical bear

5.Pretty Warm hat for boy/girl

6. 4 pairs of warm Socks for boy/girl

7. Candies to nannies/foster family/kids

8. One Less than 400 words letter translation is free

9 .Rush mail shipping way

Red Thread Ann will request updates and pictures for you before we mail your package out and it is Free,Ann will make calls to make sure your child gets your package and will let you know when your package is delivered!!

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