Half day or A day`s GuangZhou sightseeing

Half day or A day`s GuangZhou sightseeing
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I (Ann) will be happy to show you around in GuangZhou during your trip. We can rent a Van /bus for our trip ,we also can take Subway or taxi out.Normal a Van and with a good driver costs $65/day. Half day service includes 4 hours,Ann charges $60/family ,One day includes 8 hours,Ann charges $100/day .More than two families out in one time ,Ann offers 10% discount off.

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Below are GuangZhou Scenic spots and historical sites:

Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family is also called Chen Clan Academy which is a place both for offering sacrifices to ancestors and for study.

The temple is a compound complex consisting of nine halls, sixe courtyards and nineteen buildings connected by corridors, all separated by walls from the outside world. A pair of stone drums in front of the entrance door, measuring 2.55meters(about 8.36feet) in height and two colored drawing pictures of door-god of four meters (about 13 feet ) height are said to be the best in Guangdong.

The compound was constructed in the traditional Chinese symmetrical style and the main hall, the Juxian Hall, is in the center of the temple. Juxian Hall was once a place for clansmen to assemle before the establishment of the temple and now it is usedd as an ancestral hall. In front of the hall is a stone gazebo surrounded by stone balustrades. In the hall there is an exquisitely carved folding screen which is an excellent example of wood carving....

Six banyan temple located in six banyan road. It was built in datong three years (537 load northern), fire destroyed, SongDuan early overprinting tower Two years (989 years) reconstruction, renamed JingHui temple. After the tour, see su to temple in banyan six strains old temple, readily topic book "six banyan" 2 words, and future generations hence called "six banyan temple". Temple's famous tower for thousand buddhas, because its colorful campanile, say again "flower tower". Flowers 57 meters high tower, 11 Angle form, outside 9 floors, inside the 17 layer, guangzhou famous ancient high-rise buildings. For inside and maitreya east tower TianWangDian and WeiDuoDian house. Tower for the solemn luxuriant halls of west of emperor kangxi, which two years (117 years) with three honour DaFoXiang brass elimination. Buddha is 6 metres high, heavy 10 tons of guangdong province, is the largest surviving ancient statues. Banyan shady acres inside the temple and. ZuTang haversian canal, GuanYinDian, six SengShe zhai hall, benefaction hall, etc. Six ZuTang within a zen for bronze statue of the sixth generation of patriarch huineng 1.8 meters, weight, high about 1 ton, method, hangs appearance was solemn eyes crosslegged, lifelike....

The heart of Guangzhou's former European concession¡ªFrance and England both set up shop on this sandy river island in 1859 toward the end of the Opium Wars¡ªShamian Island is home to a number of colonial-era buildings, including a restored French Catholic church, Our Lady of Lourdes; its British Protestant complement, the Christ Church Shamian; and many former hotels, embassies, trading houses and residences.

The island (actually a permanent sand bank in the Pearl River) makes for pleasant strolling and sightseeing, with its gardens and tree-lined streets, restaurants, cafes and tea houses. You can stay on Shamian Island, if you wish; there is a youth hostel for backpackers and several hotels provide a higher degree of accommodations, with the five-star White Swan Hotel being a particularly popular hotel among travelers, a number of whom are in Guangzhou to adopt (the US Consulate is next door, making legwork and paperwork easier).


Shamian Island was a very important port for Guangzhou¡¯s foreign trade during the rule of the Song and Qing Dynasties, and for several centuries this tiny patch of land was the only place in China that any foreigner was permitted to live. As such, you will find a great deal of 18th century European and American-style architecture. The island also became a strategic point, and the location of some conflict, during the Opium Wars. During this time the territory was divided into two parts, the French concession and the British concession. The differences in architecture and cultural legacy remain to this day.....

Opened in 1997, Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park is the biggest animal theme park in Asia. It is the perfect mix of /combines protection, science research, tourism and education together. Although the park has exciting rides, its main attraction is its varieties of rare animals. Known as the heaven/paradise of animals, the park possesses more than 460 species, among which there are 10 giant pandas, thirteen koalas and rare white tigers. Inside the park, visitors can approach as close as they can to the animals, feed them and take photos with their favourite animals.

Baiyun Mountain £¨known locally as White Clouds Mountain£© is located in north of Guangzhou city. It is named ¡°the most beautiful place in the ¡±Sheep City¡° £¨the nick name of Guangzhou City is ¡±Sheep City¡°£©¡±£¬ and it is also one of the first 4A Grade interest places in China. This mountain is clustered round by over 30 ridges£¬ with an area of 28 square kilometers. The highest peak is Moxing Ridge£¬ 382 meters above the sea. When the sun shines again after the rain£¬ white clouds are twisting the peaks£¬ the green mountain and refreshing water are enshrined in the boundless sea of clouds£¬ hence came the name of Baiyun £¨white cloud£© Mountain. ¡¡¡¡

Guangzhou is a long-history city£¬ and it was founded since the Qin & Han Dynasties 2220 years ago£¬ but Baiyun Mountain was well-known for its nice scenery even earlier than the foundation of Guangzhou City. For its adjustment to the city entironment and its rich natural & literary resources£¬ Baiyun Mountain is called ¡°green lung¡± of Guangzhou......

Yun Tai Park

Pearl River Cruise and TV tower

The Pearl River is where Guangzhou's scenic spots are. Praises to the beauty of the Pearl River have been 'Red Heart of the Pearl Sea' and 'Night Moon over the Goose Pool', selected in 1962 as of the Eight Sights of Guangzhou, plus the 'Sunlight Reflection at Shimen' of the old Eight Sights of Guangzhou and the recently selected 'Clear Waves of the Pearl River' of the Eight Sights of Guangzhou. The third largest river in China, the Pearl River measures 2,129 meters in length, with its name deriving from the Haizhu Rock (Sea Pearl Rock). When the thousand-meter long Pearl River went through Guangzhou City, a huge rock island in the center of the river was scoured time and again and became smooth and bright like a pearl, called 'Sea Pearl Rock', hence the name 'Pearl River' for the river with this rock. There is another legend about the naming of the 'Pearl River'. It was said that a Persian businessman stole the valueless pearl of his country and came to auction it in Guangzhou. Since it was the treasure of the nation, the Persian State sent people carrying lots of money to Guangzhou and buy the pearl. When they took out the pearl for appreciation on their way back by ship, the precious pearl flew up suddenly and fell into the river. Later the pearl changed into a huge stone, shinning. People called it Sea Pearl Island, thus the name of the Pearl River. In fact, the Pearl River is the general name for the river systems of the West River, the North River , the East River and Liuxi River. The West River originates from the Yun (nan) Gui (zhou) Plateau, and the North River and East River from Jiangxi Province, whereas Liuxi River is from the Qixing Ridge at Conghua City. The four rivers joint together in Guangzhou and flow to the South China Sea. As a rule, the Pearl River is called to mean the section of the river traversing Guangzhou proper. As the Pearl River was so wide 2,000 years ago, up to 2,000 meters, so it was also called the 'Pearl Sea'. Later the river narrowed down to 900 meters wide during the Song Dynasty, and it is only 180 meters wide now. There are 10 bridges over the Pearl River: Renmin, Haizhu, Haiyin, Luoxi, Zhujiang, Guangzhou, and the newly-built Jiefang, Jiangwan, Huanan, Hedong, plus Zhujiang Tunnel, all of which connecting the south and north banks of the Pearl River and Fangcun District. There stand on both banks numerous star-grade hotels and commercial buildings: White Swan Hotel, Hotel Landmark Canton, Nanfang Mansion, Aiqun Hotel, Guangzhou Hotel, Gitic Riverside Hotel , all like sky-scrappers. In the evening, both banks are lit brightly, joined occasionally by the bright moon hanging in the sky. Full of passengers, pleasure boats for Pearl River cruise travel from the west to the east elegantly on the river, like playing happy melodies all together.

Canton Tower

A colorful place I want to talk about is canton tower

It is located in the downtown area. I like its shape, it looks fantastic.It has a Nick name called Slim Waist.The things which impressed visitors is the color.At night, it light-up itself, I mean, there is a light show , which looks so beautiful. Its color, you know, is beyond description. I mean, it looks like a rainbow.Besides, Its color keeps changing all the time from red to purple.I used to get on the top of canton tower.When you got on Ferris wheel, you could see The bird view it was absolutely awesome.You have to make sure that u do not go there on weekend, otherwise it would be so crowded.Well, The ticket was so pricy but I still thought that it was good value for money.

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